All we need today is
A little bit of coffee
and a whole lot of


We are



We're on a mission to create hospitality through overflowing generosity with a delicious cup of coffee.

How? You may ask. One cup at a time, of course. All we need is a little bit of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate or you fill in the blank), and a whole lot of Jesus.


Pay it forward + delicious cup of coffee = hospitality

Did you know that we're blessed so we can be a blessing? Through your generosity, we are able to continue our journey of preparing the way for the people to live the life of a Jesus follower.

Coffee and Jesus

Come for the coffee and stay for the relationships with Jesus and others


We began our journey as a coffee house church in 2019, and we were going to launch our church in March 2020. You're right. That's when the COVID-19 lockdown happened, and all our plans need to be changed.

Guess what? God's plans for us were better, bigger, and greater. We're continuing our journey of serving the kingdom by serving churches with a delicious cup of coffee.

We are better